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A 2015 study by professors at the University of Warwick suggests that happier employees are 12% more productive. Lara Harding, people program manager, Google says “At Google, we know that health, family and wellbeing are an important aspect of Googlers’ lives. We have also noticed that employees who are happy … demonstrate increased motivation. … We … work to ensure that Google is … an emotionally healthy place to work.”

Gone are the days when the employees were considered forces of labor to follow instructions from heads of departments or enterprises. Employees have become, and rightly so, a central aspect of creating competitive advantage and superior customer experience across industries. Globalization and digitization have brought unique challenges to companies. Organizations involved in proactively managing their employees’ professional aspirations and career development, balancing their personal priorities and engaging with them meaningfully have reaped rich dividends

Qwixpert’s talent analytics helps companies build ideal organizational structures, uses data to identify and cultivate patterns for success in its people and creates compelling careers to motivate and retain high performers.


Organizational Design/ Manpower audit

Right structure and span of individual business divisions/ entire organization; KRAs and KPIs for each role

Incentives & compensation strategy

Maximize productivity across the organization by ensuring industry competitive compensations and driving the right metrics

Balanced scorecards

Performance assessment using dashboards and scorecards to drive process and operational excellence and customer satisfaction