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In this era of cutting-edge innovation, competitive disruption and regulatory turbulence from within and beyond the industry, building and successfully executing a winning strategy has become more critical than ever. Strategy helps us answers to questions such as

• How does an incumbent in the automobile industry react to disruptions from tech giants like Google, Apple and Uber?

• With Reliance Jio changing the operating model of the telecom business, what do Vodafone, Airtel and Idea do to stay relevant?

• Several questions still are unanswered in the draft national E-commerce policy and the comprehensive policy to be released in 2020 may create more than a few ripples. How should an e-commerce company prepare for this and what changes need to be made to its business strategy?

• Raw material prices and supply pressures are impacting the alcohol industry today on account of the Government’s impetus on the Ethanol Blending Program. As an Alcobev manufacturer, how do I secure my supply and sustain EBITDA margins?

Our homegrown tools help quickly assess the issue areas and our rich pool of Ex-CXO level experts help craft sustainable winning strategies
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Our Offerings

Blue Ocean Strategy

Systematically, unearth latent customer needs and unfulfilled potential markets. We do this quick and efficiently through our rigourous research and expert network of retired CXOs.

Future Readiness Assessment

Effect of regulatory/ statutory/ global trends on buyer behavior, competitive advantages to peers and industry/ company value chain

Business Planning

Medium to long term plans, business projections on demand forecasting and supply planning, investment in talent and resources to be market ready. We also help clients in rigorous budgeting exercise to ensure the financials projected are more realstic.

Competitive Benchmarking

Comparative analysis of company financial and operating performances with peers through primary and secondary research

Operating Model

Business strategy for the entire company or individual business units assessing customer needs, competitive landscape and market trends

“Qwixpert”ise and Point-of-view with experts

Quick chat/ Brainstorming workshops with our empaneled experts to validate your hypothesis or co-create your business strategy