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Ask any successful company, they will tell you how they swear by the mantra “customer is king”. The American business management professor and author, Michael Leboeuf, had famously said “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”. And customer acquisition and satisfaction are at the heart of any sales and marketing effort. In today’s digitally inter-connected world, delivering a truly omni-channel experience across the offline and online spaces have differentiated successful sales and marketing strategies from the rest

Our unique approach to sales and marketing challenges combines traditional techniques with analytical tools to provide truly transformative solutions to our clients

Analytical usage example: Predictive modeling engine to improve sales & marketing effectiveness

Sales Analyrtcs

Service Offerings

Route To Market

Micro-market (Geography-channel-customer segment-product) growth plan design and detailed action planning. Program management and plan execution to drive business benefits

Pricing Strategy

Product pricing, trade promotions, offers and discounts modeling to enhance customer penetration

Sales Transformation

End-to-end transformation to increase effectiveness of the operating model, value proposition, competitiveness and enablers (manpower productivity and sales process)

Voice of Consumer Research led Product/ Service Innovation

Qualitative and quantitative research overlaid with analytics to assist offering design and development

Omni-channel Marketing

Optimized marketing spend mix across channels (offline and online) to drive maximum ROI

Analytics led Customer Penetration and Wallet Share Enhancement

Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to capture insights and drive customer acquisition, retention and life-time value enhancement