How we can help?

Productivity and efficiency are two most commonly associated words with supply chain. Supply chain is that part in the value chain, which is invisible to the external customer, but bridges the other two important parts – need discovery and sales & marketing. A successful supply chain strategy can provide several competitive advantages – innovation, being the first/ fastest to market, cost effectiveness, superior customer service etc.

Historically, innovation in any industry across the world has started from its “Supply Chain”. From the disruptive assembly line approach pioneered by Ford to the Japanese institutionalizing lean manufacturing and Total Quality Management principles, this function has been at the forefront of innovation across generations. The scenario continues to this date where digital is revolutionizing supply chains. Analytics is playing a pivotal role in driving this transformative phase and supply chain teams have benefited vastly from resultant increased productivity and efficiency.

Supply chain strategy has also been intrinsically associated with competitive advantage. In an era where consumers are increasingly becoming value and price conscious, manufacturing and supply chain cost leadership is top of mind for every CEO. With the implementation of GST and rise of e-commerce, barriers to trade and reach have come down significantly. Companies are now re-orienting their network and warehouse presence, inventory management and logistics planning. Further, management strategies across decades have focused on the importance of suppliers and their criticality to success has not diminished.

We, at Qwixpert, have rich in-house experience and robust network of experts to address these and several other supply chain challenges.


Procurement Cost Reduction

Be it material or service, our bottom up approach and expert network ensures quick identification of the potential cost reduction. Our implementation process ensures the realised savings are sustained after the engagement as well.

Network Optimization & Freight Cost

We help client optimise Supplier-Manufacturing-Warehouse network to strike a balance between cost, capital and service. Our network modelling approach can quickly help model various scenarios and help out clients decide the network.

Manufacturing Strategy

Be it manufacturing footprint, outsourcing strategy, investments on plant or business case evaluation for automation, we have deep expertise across sectors to help customers chalk their strategy right

Productivity Improvement

We help client in troubleshooting reasons for low productivity; benchmarking with peers and identify potential to improve productivity. We use value stream mapping, lean manufacturing, MTM, TOC and other modern tools for the same and help client sustain the benefits.

Inventory Planning & Improve Fill Rate

Establish efficient inventory management practices to ensure best use of working capital across the value chain while minimizing stock-outs or opportunity losses. We have our own tools to simulate the fill rate for various inventory scenarios.

Warehouse Design & Productivity

Be it in upstream, inplant or downstream warehouse, we have the expertise to design and/or re-engneering the same. We help design process, infrastructure, people and system, to meet the throughput requirements as well as enhance productivity