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Executive Summary Emerging Tech based B2B models are disrupting the traditional distribution space. Unlike the traditional distribution model which has only one source of revenue i.e., via trade of products, the new age tech-driven businesses can generate income from advertisements, data analytics, private label sales, financial and PoS services. These allow online platforms to pass...

Ethanol Blending Program – What is the opportunity for Indian manufacturers in Ethanol production and why it can precipitate a “Gold Rush” moment? Executive summary India imports ~84% of its oil requirement. Ethanol Blending Program (EBP) is being promoted with vigour to help conserve foreign exchange, provide massive employment opportunities, increase farm incomes, reduce petrol...

The pandemic has changed the lives of millions across the globe, personally and professionally. Entertainment is no outlier, with India’s cricket-crazy fan base missing the experience of live matches. The 2020 IPL season was a much-awaited bloom in the drought. BARC India’s viewership data indicates an overwhelming response to IPL 2020. 405 million viewers tuned...

Executive summary The migration to Electric Vehicles from Internal Combustion Engine technology has gathered pace. Customer anxieties over their purchase and usage, while they remain, are declining. Regulatory authorities, manufacturers, and investors have set themselves ambitious targets and work in overdrive to achieve them. Players across the automotive value chain are facing disruption. Adoption and...

Executive summary Very few businesses can lay claim to changing the habits of a population. Ola, with its convenient and cost-effective cabs, has changed how India travels. However, the business is yet to sustain itself financially. With the increasing customer acquisition cost for their 4W intra-city taxis and the need to turn profitable, Ola ventured...

Executive Summary The pandemic hit India in February-March 2020 setting the healthcare industry in overdrive. Patients needed treatment for a hitherto unknown and highly contagious disease, for which the healthcare sector was not prepared. Hospitals and clinics faced a shortage of beds, medicines, consumables, doctors, and lifesaving medical equipment due to both supply disruptions and...

Indian B2C Digital business landscape Digital in numbers, but not the numbers corporate India is used to seeing In this day and age, yesteryear business metrics such as revenue growth or profit margins, cannot adequately summarize the nascent yet vibrant digital industry. The reason why we call it nascent is that despite several decades of...

Executive Summary The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has crippled the foodservice industry. With operational constraints and an increase in customer apprehensions about ‘outside food’, the industry has to innovate to survive the crisis. In the recovery phase, the focus must be on sustaining business operations, operational solvency, and curating customer experiences. In this...

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